At the woods edge

At The Woods’ Edge

In 1990, some Kanehsatà:ke community members along with other natives, made a stand to protect their land from development. The result had repercussions from coast to coast and around the world. “At the Woods’ Edge” tells the story of turmoil that led up to the “Crisis of 1990.” It’s an anthology of the settlement since first contact. To understand what happened in 1990, you must first read; “At the woods’ Edge.”
The 400 page illustrated volume is the first book about the oral and written history of Kanehsatà:ke written by two of our own: Arlette Kawanatatie Van Den Hende, and Brenda Katlatont Gabriel Doxtator. Included, are photos and original illustrations by Katsi’tsakwas Ellen Gabriel. This book uses historical studies and traditional teachings to tell the story of the people of Kanehsatà:ke. It’s a must read!

“The 400 page history provides a scholarly, densely detailed and importantly native view of the 270 years of contact and conflict at Kanehsatà:ke that culminated in the 1990 Oka Crisis.”
– Lyle Stewart, Hour Magazine