Cherokee Education – Past and Present. In Kennedy Report, Part 1: A National Tragedy: Subcommittee Findings, 1969

I – The Failure of National Policy.  Cherokee Education, Case Study. The effects of imposed white control.

Protecting, Promoting, and Revitalizing Traditional Knowledge – Cultural Survival Quarterly

Vol. 43, Issue 3, September 2019



CBC – Northern Ontario First Nation makes history with its community-based curriculum & local connection to Oka Crisis Aug.13 2020

Long Lake 54 First Nation created ‘groundbreaking’ new lessons from its own past.  Jody Porter


Kane[h]satake 300 Years Later


Anniversaries can be a strange thing in Canada, depending on who you are and which side you’re watching from. It’s been 30 years since an event you may know as the Oka crisis; but that’s not where the story begins for this podcast. In this first part of a two part episode, Leah and Falen look at the 300 year lead up to the “crisis” on Mohawk land.

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